Terms & Condition

1. Introduction

Welcome to Netzero.sa, operated by Netzero Environmental Services Co. These Terms and Conditions ("Terms") govern your use of our website and services. Netzero specializes in environmental solutions, including carbon quantification, ecosystem restoration, and reforestation projects. We assist companies and individuals in achieving their net-zero carbon emission goals through various nature-based solutions.

2. Services Description

Netzero offers end-to-end solutions for carbon quantification and certification, especially for mangrove plantation projects. We facilitate tree planting activities, maintain tree data logs, and estimate ecological benefits like carbon sequestration, air quality improvement, and overall tree value. Our services also include liaising with landowners, supervising planting and maintenance activities, and using advanced technologies for data collection and analysis.

3. Data Use and Accuracy

The data provided, including ecological benefits estimates, is for visual representation only. While we strive for accuracy, we do not guarantee the precision of the data. Users may request raw data through API, as per our API documentation, and must use this data fairly and responsibly.

4. User Responsibilities

Users are expected to:Use Netzero's data and services in accordance with these Terms.
Provide accurate and truthful information.

Refrain from misrepresenting data in public, which could lead to legal consequences.

Not engage in activities that test the limits of our website or digital assets.

5. User-Generated Content

Netzero reserves the right to use any testimonials, comments, or feedback for promotional or operational purposes. This content may be shared on our social media platforms, website, or in other marketing materials.

6. Third-Party Services and Data Privacy

We integrate with third-party services for enhanced functionality. User data collected is used to improve our services, deliver relevant communications, and enhance the user interface. We are committed to data security and privacy, complying with cybersecurity standards and regional regulations.

7. User Data Rights

Users have rights regarding their data, including access, updates, and deletion requests. Our security measures are designed to protect user data from unauthorized access and breaches.

8. Prohibited Activities

Users must not engage in illegal, fraudulent, or harmful activities through Netzero's platform. Breaching the security of our digital assets is strictly prohibited.

9. Amendments to Terms

We reserve the right to modify these Terms at any time. Users will be notified of significant changes, and continued use of the website constitutes acceptance of the new Terms.

10. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms are governed by Saudi Arabian law. Any disputes arising will be subject to the jurisdiction of Saudi Arabian courts.

11. Contact Information

For inquiries or concerns regarding these Terms, contact us at inquiry@netzero.sa

12. Disclaimer

Our services are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. While we endeavor to provide accurate and reliable information, we cannot guarantee its completeness or accuracy.These Terms and Conditions are a foundational framework and should be reviewed and adjusted by legal counsel to ensure full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.This revised draft incorporates more details about Netzero's business aspects and services, as well as user responsibilities and data handling.