Take control of your carbon footprint

Netzero helps you connect companies with high-quality, community-driven afforestation projects that capture carbon and use machine learning to estimate carbon offsets.

Sustainable Development Goals

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Climate action

Our afforestation projects sequester carbon, making the Middle East greener while reducing the need for energy-intensive air conditioning by lowering the overall temperature.

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Greener cities

Netzero's 4IR technology digitizes tree planting and maintenance, creating a smart tree database to make afforestation accessible and affordable.

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Life on land

The trees we plant create natural habitats for local wildlife, increase land and property value, and improve quality of life by providing shade for people.

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Health & well-being

Netzero plants trees to improve air quality and reduce UV exposure and incentivizes outdoor exercise by planting trees to reward participants in walking challenges when they meet their goals.